Zespół Blue Pencil

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Samantha Teacher

Samantha loves to travel and meet new people!  Hobbies include cooking, baking, and eating local food.

Ewa School Manager

Gdyby nie Blue Pencil, pewnie wyprowadziłaby się już dawno w Bieszczady i z włosami do pasa jak u czarownicy, uprawiałaby ogródek pełen ekologicznych warzyw i ziół.

Jej pasją są: zdrowie,…

Sam Teacher

Sam is from a village in Ireland, after living in several countries throughout Europe he now lives in Warsaw. The fact that the city offers a fine selection of…

Teresa Teacher

Teresa avoids Reading (that’s her home town in England!), so much so that she has backpacked or cycled through 57 countries and has, so far, lived in 7 (Slovakia, Australia,…

Andy Teacher

Andy likes trains, old books and live music. Andy dislikes tinned meat, February and badly lit rooms. Andy wasn’t asked to write in third person for this description but he is…