Teresa avoids Reading (that’s her home town in England!), so much so that she has backpacked or cycled through 57 countries and has, so far, lived in 7 (Slovakia, Australia, Germany, France, Scotland, England and now Poland).

She likes to think of herself as being creative, but never seems to find the time to create anything.  When not teaching or walking her young dog, she relaxes on the sofa with her cuddly labradoodle by her side. Her touring bicycle is gathering dust until the spring weather returns – Latvia and Estonia to explore with dog-trailer in tow.

Being a country bumpkin at heart, she enjoys living in leafy Sadyba but relishes her trips into the buzzing city centre for lessons at Femina. She believes that her brightly coloured clothes will banish the grey skies of winter in Warsaw and nobody seems to be able to tell her otherwise.