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Currently recruiting

Opis stanowiska 

  • zarządzanie sekretariatem szkoły w godzinach 13:3019:30 
  • prowadzenie dokumentacji 
  • wsparcie administracyjne nauczycieli 
  • obsługa uczniów, rodziców i nowych klientów 


  • nienaganna kultura osobista 
  • znajomość języka angielskiego na poziomie umożliwiającym pracę w anglojęzycznym środowisku (konieczne – nasi nauczyciele to native speakerzy) 
  • umiejętność pracy pod presją 
  • samodzielność w ramach zleconych obowiązków 
  • sumienność 
  • dobra znajomość obsługi komputera (szczególnie: MS Word, MS Excel) 
  • chęć nauki i pozytywne nastawienie do pracy 
  • komunikatywność i łatwość nawiązywania kontaktów 


  • pracę na ¾ etatu 
  • wynagrodzenie 2250 zł netto na podstawie umowy o pracę 
  • premie i dodatki do pensji 
  • pracę w międzynarodowym zespole świetnych specjalistów 
  • dofinansowanie prywatnej opieki medycznej w EnelMed 
  • możliwość awansu 

What we have to offer:

– blocks of lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (either mornings or afternoons), starting this year

– basic rate of 100 PLN gross per 90 minute lesson + bonuses

Apply if you are:

– a native speaker of English

– open to new ideas and willing to learn

– dedicated to teaching

It will be considered an advantage if you are:

– willing to work with children

– experienced in teaching English

– educated or trained in the field of language teaching

Place of the classes: Karabeli 2E, Bemowo, Warszawa.

If interested please e-mail us (it would be absolutely awesome to see your CV): workwithus@bluepencil.pl

What we have to offer:

– blocks of 4-6 lessons each on Mondays, Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, starting from 2019

– basic rate of 100 PLN gross per 90 minute lesson + bonuses

Apply if you are:

– educated in the field of English Language Teaching or linguistics (must be holding at least BA in one of these fields)

– open to new ideas and willing to learn

– dedicated to teaching

– able to communicate with your young students in Polish

It will be considered an advantage if you are:

– experienced (min. 1 year) in teaching English to children 6-12 years old and willing to work with children

Check what we have to offer

  • Blocks of lessons

    We respect our teachers’ time and always try to organise our work so that they can use their time to the fullest here.

  • Bonuses

    In Blue Pencil you will get end-of-year bonuses on top of hourly rate.

  • Private health care

    Private healthcare (Enel Med) partly refunded for all employees of Blue Pencil

  • Trainings and mentoring

    We offer both in-company and outside (British Council) workshops and training sessions for all teachers in Blue Pencil. For the less experienced teachers full support and one-on-one mentoring.

  • Being part of a great team

    Most people working in Blue Pencil are native speakers who form a fantastic, international team. We learn from each other and share experiences which makes this place the best to develop or share your teaching skills.

  • School community events

    In Blue Pencil we managed to create a small, international community. We have parties, take part in sport events and socialize with Bemowo people on Freaky Fridays.

  • Free, organized entrance to cultural institutions

    Since you a are a foreigner in Poland we want you to learn more about our country. That’s why we organize trips to most interesting places in Warsaw like: Vodka Muzeum, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Polin and others.

  • Relocation bonus

    We cover part of the expenses of your moving to Poland like flight tickets or bus fares. We also help you find the right accommodation in the vicinity of the school as you might be unfamiliar with the city or the neighbourhood.