Poznaj ludzi, którzy tworzą Blue Pencil

  • no image Andy Nowa Zelandia

    Andy was born in Australia but moved with his kiwi parents to New Zealand as a teenager where he enjoyed living by the beach after growing up in the outback. After several years as a volunteer swimming coach and reporter for local newspapers he realized the small-town publications he worked for were never going to send him overseas as an international correspondent. So he moved into teaching in South Korea instead.

    More than five years later he is still loving teaching and education having worked in China, Turkey, Somaliland on the horn of Africa, and now Warsaw. He really enjoys working with all ages to achieve their language goals and inject as much fun into the classroom as possible.

    When not in class Andy loves getting involved in a good book and still works on some writing and photography projects when he gets around to it. He loves to travel and see new places and meet new people. He likes to get outside the city at times too for a hike, a bike ride or a bit of skiing.

  • Kerri Kerri Australia

    Kerri first arrived in Poland fifteen years ago, while making her way back to the UK after some time in Australia (her homeland), and instantly fell in love with the country and the people. She has returned numerous times since.

    With a long career in international business based mostly in the UK, and a passion for teaching and education, Kerri has again returned to Poland to fulfill her dream of combining her business and teaching careers into one that gives her the best of both worlds.

    Having recently made her home in Bemowo, her plan is to teach, mingle amongst the locals, learn Polish, and continue her research into language use and management practices in international business.

  • Vanessa Vanessa USA

    Tired of having her last name butchered and being asked if she is Russian, Vanessa decided the most obvious solution was to move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Warsaw, Poland.

    Like a stereotypical Northern Californian, Vanessa's hobbies include astrology and holistic wellness. Unlike the aforementioned stereotype, her other hobby is learning Polish.

    In her free time she likes petting cats and dogs, eating as much as possible and creatively answering her family's questions about why she doesn't have a boyfriend and when is she getting married.

  • Ryan Ryan USA

    Ryan was born and raised in Texas. When he was 17, he lived in Australia for a year. It was this experience that fostered a desire to travel. While touring Poland in a rock band, he decided that Poland would be a good place to live.

    Though he studied music in college, teaching English has been a pleasure for him. It started with volunteer teaching in Texas, then he became CELTA certified in Krakow. He has taught at several language schools and groups at the American Embassy, Jack Daniels, Katarzyna Bonda, a deputy minister, Hasbro, and other places of business.

    When not teaching, Ryan likes to practice drums, cook, and train for triathlons. You can find videos of him on Youtube and see him play with The Taylor Moore Band.

  • Ben Ben Nowa Zelandia

    Ben hails from New Zealand, a small city in Australia where likes to play rugby, eat kiwifruit and watch Lord of the Rings. When he is not desperately trying to hold on to his New Zealand heritage, Ben likes to paint pictures of sunsets.

    Ben hopes to soon speak fluent Polish so he can one day tell his mailman that he is delivering his mail to the wrong address.

    Ben’s other goals include helping his students become fluent in English, traveling to the south of Peru and becoming a world famous lobotomist.

  • Ola Ola Polska

    Jeśli miałaby wskazać to, co kocha najbardziej byłoby to gotowanie (o którym myśli prawie 24/7) i las  (w którym chciałaby być 24/7), a najchętniej gotowanie w lesie. W wolnych chwilach piecze ciasta, a dla równowagi studiuje dietetykę na Wyższej Szkole Rehabilitacji. Lata pracy we własnej kuchni nauczyły ją dbałości o detale, a posiadanie brata bliźniaka - anielskiej cierpliwości. Za jedyny słuszny środek transportu uważa rower, o który dba prawie tak bardzo jak o czystość we własnej kuchni. Jeździ tak często jak tylko może, a dla przyjemności łamie swoje własne rekordy.

    Ola opiekuje się biurem szkoły i z niesamowitym spokojem rozwiązuje wszystkie pojawiające się problemy.

  • no image Anna Polska

    Anna została poproszona o napisanie kilku słów o sobie, ale akurat w tej dziedzinie nie jest aż tak biegła.

    Energiczna, otwarta i głośnia. Stara się uczyć współpracowników porządku i organizacji. Swoją pasję do jedzenia próbuje przekuć na wiedzę, zgłębiając tajniki magii dietetycznej dążąc do licencjatu w Wyższej Szkole Rehabilitacji.

    Za najlepszą metodę relaksacji uznaje porządkowanie dokumentacji szkolnej i uspokajający szum kserokopiarki.

  • Daniel Daniel Anglia

    Daniel originates from Sheffield, UK but his adoptive home is Jelonki. One of his reasons for staying in Poland is that he finds the shoes to be a better fit.

    Daniel finds scraping ice and snow off his car to be very therapeutic.  He is a keen grower of courgettes. His hopes of being a top-performing runner are regularly dashed by a fondness for curry and fancy beers. 

    His interests are music and travel and when he's not teaching, he spends his days in a hammock, writing rather silly children's stories. His lessons are fun and his students are amongst the happiest people on earth. Daniel is better-looking than fellow Brits, Andy and Luke.

  • nauczyciel angielskiego Marcin Polska

    Jest nauczycielem angielskiego i metodykiem a jednocześnie założycielem Blue Pencil.

    Bardziej od swoich uczniów stresuje się ich testami i nieodrobionymi pracami domowymi, a każdą lekcję traktuje jakby zależało od niej przetrwanie cywilizacji. Ma niską tolerancję na postawę "nie-da-się".

    Lubi pracować z uczniami z podstawówki i gimnazjum, czasami ze wzajemnością.

  • nauczyciel angielskiego Anglia Andy Anglia

    Andy likes trains, old books and live music. Andy dislikes tinned meat, February and badly lit rooms. 

    Andy wasn't asked to write in third person for this description but he is quite enjoying it and he thinks it makes him sound more professional.

    As well as an English Teacher, Andy likes to think of himself as a competitor for the world's strongest man award. He would love to be touring with Metallica as their emotional guidance counsellor. 

    Although Andy doesn't have the dull, obvious handsomeness of his fellow Brits, his appeal is more mysterious and one that takes time, time preferably spent in a pub. Just like how a doner kebab or a traffic cone become irresistible after a few hours.

  • nauczyciel angielskiego USA Joshua USA

    While originally from a small state in the Northeast region of the U.S., Poland has become his home away from home. In the past year, he has fallen in love with this country's breath-taking landscapes, finger-licking cuisine and of course its warm, hospitable people.

    Teaching English fills him with joy! For him, nothing is more satisfying than seeing his students smile because they've learned something. He likes to keep his lessons equally fun as they are effective.

    When not teaching, Joshua can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up something delicious. His other hobbies include snapping photos of the beauty around him, plane-spotting by the airport, running at sunset and exploring our planet.

  • Luke Luke Anglia

    Retired technical diver from the UK, currently enjoying the Polish winters.

    Devotes large amounts of time to spreading Cockney Rhyming Slang and mnemonics throughout the country, and occasionally has some time left over to teach.

    When not working can normally be found behind a computer screen, battling against the dark forces of programming bugs.

    Has a keen interest in psychiatry and was therefore delighted to find out that a colleague suffers from a rare condition which renders him unable to accurately evaluate attractiveness.

  • nauczycielka angielskiego Kasia Polska

    Jest absolwentką Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej w Lublinie. W Blue Pencil pracuje od początku. Prowadzi zajęcia dla dzieci w wieku od 3,5 do 7 lat.

    Jej kursy oparte są o autorskie programy nauczania oraz materiały dydaktyczne, które sama wytwarza po nocach. Podczas zajęć uczniowie rozwijają różne sprawności intelektualne oprócz angielskiego.

    W wolnych chwilach skleja modele. W swojej drugiej pracy zajmuje się projektowaniem graficznym i UX.